Why We Exist

We exist to level the playing field for ALL job seekers and talent acquisition specialists by providing services that not only match talents but help untap an individualʼs full competencies and skills.

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What We Do


  • We help individuals see possible tomorrows they may not have previously considered. We create opportunities where none may have existed. We offer hope when it might be lost. We find them purposeful careers where they can turn their passions into productive outcomes.
  • We help guidance counselors and outplacement professionals to find passionate people their purpose in optimal career fields. We improve their placement rates and the success of their students and customers by allowing a focus on more value-added tasks.
  • We help hiring managers improve their productivity by revolutionizing the way in which they match optimal talent solutions to their organizational needs. At scale, we improve the productivity of entire organizations and, by extension, national economies.


  • We enable individuals to rapidly summarize and translate their core competencies in ways not previously possible and match them to ideal roles available in the marketplace.
  • We assist guidance counselors and outplacement professionals in being more effective in their service and more productive in their roles.
  • We support human resource professionals in quickly composing role descriptions and seamlessly matching them with individuals having those requisite core competencies.


  • We link individuals to career opportunities best aligned to their core competencies and provide training to allow them to excel in those new roles. In connecting personal passion with individual purpose, we drive organizational productivity and increase retention rates.
  • We provide guidance counselors and outplacement professionals with tools that enable them to be more efficient in their roles and more successful in placing their students and customers in optimal roles that match their core competencies.
  • We align the talent needs of organizations with their optimal supply in the marketplace, saving them time and money in the process.

Who We Are

Purepost® is a veteran-owned B Corporation. We exist to improve society, not just make a profit. We created the first cloud-based software that fully translates a wide range of previous work experience - military or civilian - into transferable hard, soft, and technical skills and easy-to-understand job kits. Weʼre here to advance careers and help organizations quickly and easily bring the best talent into their workforce.

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    • Matt Louis
    • President
    • Deloitte, GE, P&G
    • Mission Transition - Author
    • U.S. Army Veteran
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    • Tony Garcia, Sr., PHD
    • Chief Science Officer
    • HEB Grocery: Dir of HR/Dir. of Dairy Ops Manufacturing
    • U.S. Army Veteran
  • about purepost 5
    • Dan Kim
    • CMO
    • Techstars, LinkedIn
    • Cornell MBA, West Point
    • U.S. Army Veteran

Our Products

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Passport For Jobseekers

Creating a resume can be daunting. We make it smart & easy by decoding skills & competencies from your work experiences and matching them to jobs so you’re empowered to make a bold career move with confidence!

  • Create your digital resume in 15 minutes or less
  • Map all your work experiences to skills & competencies with the Purepost®competency database built by industry experts and behavioral scientists
  • Instantly match your resume with job postings of partner organizations
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Compass For Career Service Professionals

Purepost® Compass Career counseling is a big job. The process and tools can be time consuming. We take care of the stressful part, so you can focus on what drives the biggest impact.

  • Build a custom digital resume in 15 minutes or less
  • Find matches on role description and competencies & skills with the proprietary competency database by Purepost®
  • Consolidate tasks in our "all in one" tool with access to Passport and Sonar - scheduling, career matching, networking, marketing, analytics, and outcome tracking
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Sonar For Employers

Purepost® Sonar Effective hiring requires precision and speed. Purepost® provides Instant matching of talents to careers by enabling - for the first time - an accurate supply/demand signal for the nation’s talent market, powered by human and data sciences.

  • Get high-quality matches based on underlying competencies and skills while reducing the potential for human bias
  • Get instant matches directly from the Purepost® Passport database
  • Improve organizational productivity with faster results powered by human and data sciences

Our Heritage

Purepost® is a veteran-owned B Corporation. Our name is derived from two words:

  • "Pure": Having exactly the talents or skills needed for a particular role (Merriam-Webster)
  • "Post": An office or position to which a person is appointed (Merriam-Webster)
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The red chevron color is derived from the militaryʼs Medevac (Medical Evacuation) services. Anthony Garcia, our CEO, served two combat tours in Iraq as a Medevac soldier and aviator.

Our Values

Our values are the bedrock upon which we do business

  • Integrity
    • We act with honor and uncompromising honesty in everything we do.
    • We never mislead and always do what we say and say what we mean.
  • Accountability
    • We follow through on all of our promises and commitments.
    • We take full ownership of our work and accept the responsibility for outcomes of our actions.
  • Courage
    • We take a stand on issues and speak our mind; and are never deterred by fear of uncomfortable topics.
    • We make tough decisions in a timely manner and with confidence.
  • Collaboration
    • We value the importance of working with others and sharing information freely in the interest of building a culture of openness, candor, accountability, and trust.
    • We listen attentively to others, ask questions for clarification, and strive to view things through the eyes of others.
  • Caring & Support
    • We will treat all people with dignity and respect and value the power of diversity.
    • We will provide the resources,tools and information to achieve individual and team success while eliminating the barriers that prevent individual and team accomplishment.
  • Innovation
    • We act with curiosity and creativity and keep abreast of leading-edge technology and best practices.
    • We always ask "why" a minimum of five times in order to identify opportunities,take prudent risks, and challenge the status quo.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are built upon our values and are the basis for our behaviors.

  • We believe in the dignity of work. Everyone has an obligation to utilize their God-given talents to advance their economic interests and,in doing so, to elevate the cultural and moral level of the society within which they live.
  • We believe in the pride of service.In aspiring to be certified a public benefits corporation, we are obligated to serve a social good.In our case, we choose to give back to veterans of military service. These selfless servants have given much in service to us all. They have enabled our freedom. Moreover, they offer a hidden talent play for those organizations wise and adept enough to utilize their many skills.But they need additional support in doing so. We offer them that support.
  • We believe in the justice of a level playing field. The best jobs should go to the best candidates – regardless of that individualʼs background. More than a highly held ideal, our applications will enable organizations to bring this to fruition.
  • We believe in creating wealth – for our customers and ourselves. Everyone wins in using our applications, but the attitude in doing so is important. We are servant leaders – we only win as a result of helping our customers win.
  • We believe in adding value by eliminating waste. Value accrues to our customers in the form of incremental productivity by using our products, which save both individuals and organizations precious time in their mission to find and utilize optimally positioned talent for available roles.
  • We believe in continuous improvement. Good-Better-Best is more than just a saying. We provide free best-in-class training for individuals to continually "sharpen their saw" as they progress from team member to team leader to business unit leader.
  • We believe the nationʼs recruiting system is broken. An accurate supply and demand signal in todayʼs talent market does not exist - until now.

Our Commitments

We walk in your shoes

We know identifying transferable skills for jobs can be daunting. Thatʼs why at Purepost® we want to empower anyone to make a bold career move with confidence, powered by human and data sciences.

We make it smart & easy

Our proprietary competency database was built by industry experts and behavioral scientists with 45+ years of experience.It maps individual experiences to transferable skills in minutes and instantly matches them with job postings of partner organizations.

We empower you to do more

Beyond resume building and job matching, Purepost® helps job seekers prepare for - andcounselors/recruiters optimize - the recruiting process.Our cloud-based software offers all-in-one solutions that scale for any organization.