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Purepost Compass®

Purepost Compass® is the fastest way for your job applicants and employers to find each other. We will quickly translate the skills of the jobseeker and the skills of the job posting to find great matches.

Empower Your Applicants

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Powered by Purepost®, our work with the Syracuse University’s career services provides each student with a free for life Purepost Passport™, which provides:

  • A professional resume
  • Detailed knowledge of the skills they acquired from the military and their civilian career
  • Empowers them to effectively describe their experience and discover new roles they had never before considered
  • Access to employers

Focus on What Matters

Purepost Compass® automates resume writing and resume book creation, freeing up coaches' time for deeper career counseling.

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North Central Texas College has been successful in creating over 800 Purepost® Passports within the year of 2022. This has saved them over 3K hours of work (cost savings over $100K); allowing them to focus more on:

  • Virtual events
  • Virtual career treks
  • Direct 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Internship and Job Fit Advice
  • Increase time with companies who wish to employ their students

Purepost Compass® automatically alerts your candidates about new jobs they match with, and your coaches can quickly notify their applicants to alert them of upcoming events, opportunities or job postings.

Purepost® requires no admin time and is a robust CRM solution, enabling each Purepost Compass® client to handle hundreds if not thousands of job applicants.

Powered by Purepost®