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Purepost Passport™

Purepost Passport™ is the fastest way to find career opportunities that match your skills, whether you want to do more in your field or make a change.

Career Changes Are Hard

Powered by Purepost, we’ve mapped over 75,000 skills across nearly 40,000 unique job roles to facilitate translating experiences into relevant skills.

Skillbridge Marketplace

Approximately 200,000 service members transition to the private sector each year. Purepost® is equipping every service member and family member with a skill-based profile to maximize their chances of securing an opportunity with a partner employer.

If you’re leaving the military within the next year, create your Passport now and join the Skillbridge Marketplace.

How It Works

  1. Input your three most recent work or volunteering experiences when you sign up.
  2. Your Purepost Passport™ translates that work experience into a unique skills profile. If you’re a veteran, Purepost® will also convert your military experience into common-sense business terms that employers understand. No jargon, no acronyms, only your full potential.
  3. Purepost® matches you to career opportunities based on your combination skills and talents.
  4. You can share your Purepost Passport™ as a public link, download it as a printable resume for job fairs, and even upload it to employer job application websites.
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Match With Employers

Upon completion of your Purepost Passport™, you will be automatically matched with open positions from our network of employers. You might discover your skills match roles you have never heard of!

Powered by Purepost®