Capstan provides College Career Counselors and Workforce Professionals an integrated control platform to review, edit, comment, and recommend changes to student and job seeker profiles (Purepost Passport).

Capstan gives back time to College Career Counselors and Workforce Professionals with allowing the student, Veteran, or job seeker to build a professional profile in a fraction of the time required to build a resume.

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Your student, Veteran, or job seeker creates a Purepost Passport. Their Passport is rapidly constructed to reflect their competencies, experiences, awards and volunteer work.

Their Passport can now be enhanced through Capstan which is used by career professionals to edit and recommend classes from our Purepost Knowledge Center.

Use their Passport to connect them with career opportunities through Purepost Navigator.

Sherpa Passport Example

You’re the Guide through Purepost

  1. Student, Veteran, or job seeker creates Passport through Purepost Sherpa or Pathfinder
  2. Member uses Passport to understand and learn how to articulate their professional experience through Purepost; They may instantly download their Passport, at no cost, in resume format
  3. Through Capstan you can virtually connect and communicate with your student, Veteran, or job seeker; With Capstan you can edit and enhance their Passport in order to help them discover their next job or career
  4. Through Capstan you can recommend courses at the Purepost Knowledge Center; Through Capstan you can virtually share any Passport or download the Passport in resume form to share
  5. Use Capstan to match your student, Veteran, or job seeker with jobs on Purepost Navigator (launching February 2021)

With Capstan, career professionals may use our company facing system Purepost Navigator.

Navigator allows career professionals rapid recruitment of their students, Veterans, or job seekers. Capstan and Navigator enhances the career professional’s network of corporations and hiring managers from both large enterprises and SMB.


Purepost is a Veteran owned and operated Public-benefit Corporation.

Our Purepost logo is derived from the Sergeant chevrons. The chevrons run from left to right to signify progress.

The Medic Red is derived from Army Dustoff. Anthony Garcia, our CEO, served two combat tours to Iraq as a Dustoff soldier and aviator.

54th Dustoff

The 54th Medical Air Ambulance (Dustoff), Balad, Iraq 2005
From Jan 2005 to Nov 2005, The 54th Dustoff flew more than 4K combat missions and medically evacuated over 6.5K patients. Anthony flew his last Army mission, out of Iraq, on 16 Nov 2005.