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About Us

Purepost is a Veteran owned and operated public benefits corporation and was born out of a desire to help veterans transition to civilian life. As Purepost grew it’s skills taxonomy, we leveraged our technology to apply not only to civilian jobs, but college course work as well.

We created the first cloud-based software that fully translates previous work experience, military or civilian, into transferable hard, soft, technical skills and easy to understand job kits. We’re here to advance careers, and help companies quickly and easily bring the best talent into their workforce.

Purepost aims to reduce under-employment and churn by helping everyone understand an applicant’s capabilities through high resolution translation, while advancing the them on a path toward optimal job fit through connections to key resources in the employment ecosystem: Employers, Veteran Service Orgs, Universities and Colleges, and Job Boards.

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Purepost Services

For Jobseekers

Receive interview prep questions, view your accumulated skills, obtain a professional work profile/resume

For Career Service Professionals

Instantly communicate with jobseekers, quickly assemble resume books, manage support requests, and more

For Employers

Find skilled professionals, expedite the hiring process ,identify internal talent, reduce the potential for human bias

Purepost History

November 2017

Purepost founded to assist U.S. Military service members with their transition to the private sector.

Fall 2018

Purepost completes mapping every U.S. Military position to private sector competencies and skills, creating a one-of-a-kind technology hiring managers and job seekers, dubbed Prism.

Fall 2019

Purepost partners with an initial group of universities and colleges in San Antonio, Texas. Saving them time, money, and the need to build a resume for every student Veteran.

Spring 2020

Purepost leverages Prism to assist all job seekers with a focus on every college and university student, not just veterans.  

Summer 2020

Purepost Knowledge Center is launched through the leadership of Tony Garcia, PhD. and Purepost President.

February 2021

Purepost partners with it’s first Veteran Service Organization, and begins partnering with top 100 ranked Universities.

Coming Q4 2021

Purepost Sonar debut.

Sonar provides matches job seekers to career opportunities based on competency matching derived from predefined hierarchy and competency definitions.

Purepost Logo

Purepost is a Veteran owned and operated public benefits corporation.

In Latin, serviens means ‘one who serves’. The word through French (Sergent) became Sergeant.  Our Purepost logo is derived from the Sergeant chevrons. The chevrons run from left to right to signify progress.

The Medic Red is derived from Army Dustoff. Anthony Garcia, our CEO, served two combat tours to Iraq as a Dustoff soldier and aviator.

The 54th Medical Air Ambulance (Dustoff)

The 54th Medical Air Ambulance (Dustoff), Balad, Iraq 2005
From Jan 2005 to Nov 2005, The 54th Dustoff flew more than 4K combat missions and medically evacuated over 6.5K patients. Anthony flew his last Army mission, out of Iraq, on 16 Nov 2005.