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Purepost Careers / Sales Internship

Position: Sales Intern

About the Company

Purepost, Inc. is a public benefit corporation founded by a small team of U.S. Veterans and champions who are passionate about leveling the playing field for Veterans, first time job seekers, and other professional groups. Our unique approach relies upon behavioral and social science to transform job seekers’ self-worth and perceived value through the Purepost Passport, the Purepost Knowledge Center, and our network of career center professionals and workforce counselors.

Sales Intern 

We are searching for a committed, deadline-driven Sales Intern to join our excellent Sales team. Purepost Sales interns will help us to develop relationships with college and university career centers.The Sales Intern will complete all tasks assigned by the Manager, which may include conducting market research, identifying business opportunities, managing email campaigns, generating sales leads, making cold calls, participating in meetings, and assisting the Sales department wherever possible. You should be able to take instruction, but also work unsupervised when required. We value integrity, accountability, courage, innovation and collaboration. No prior experience required.

To be successful as a Sales Intern, you should be willing to learn as much about the company as possible and be able to spot opportunities that have been overlooked by others. Outstanding Sales Interns are problem solvers who know the value of building lasting, professional relationships with clients.

Sales Intern Responsibilities:

  • Working closely with the Manager or assigned staff member and completing all allocated tasks
  • Conducting desktop research or gathering information through surveys or by speaking to clients and staff
  • Attending and participating in meetings, workshops, sales presentation, product demonstrations, events, and exhibitions
  • Learn and apply Purepost sales techniques
  • Manage list of assigned Partners and relationships
  • Updating documents and sales records
  • Reviewing sales performance against sales targets
  • Observing and carrying out sales processes
  • Maintain and update HubSpot CRM
  • Cold calling and emailing
  • Other assigned duties (note: essential functions and responsibilities may change or new ones may be assigned at any time with or without notice)

Sales Intern Requirements:

  • Open to College and University Juniors, Seniors and recent graduates
  • Minimum of 10 hours per week and no more than  40 hours per week
  • Degree in Marketing, Business or similar may be required (a plus)
  • Strong self-motivation
  • Ability to cope with rejection
  • A professional appearance
  • Working knowledge of Google Suite, Excel, Slack & Zoom 

Desired Skills: 

Conceptual skills are crucial to critical thinking ability and problem-solving:

  • Making Sound Decisions
  • Analyzing Issues
  • Promoting Teamwork 
  • Meeting and Exceeding Customer Needs
  • Managing and Improving the Process
  • Leveraging Innovation

Interpersonal skills are crucial to making sound social judgement:

  • Influencing Others
  • Establishing Trust 
  • Leading Courageously from the Front
  • Establishing Relationships 
  • Motivating Others
  • Speaking Effectively
  • Showing Adaptability
  • Fostering Open Communication
  • Listening to Others 
  • Managing Disagreements

Technical skills are crucial to accumulating information and leveraging knowledge:

  • Knowledge of Products and Processes
  • Product and Service Development
  • Business Unit Know-How
  • Organization Knowledge 
  • Business Operations Know-How
  • Organization Knowledge
  • Turning Direction into Disciplined Action and Effective Results