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Purepost Courier

Courier intelligent translator converts your professional experience into language and competencies that employers can easily comprehend.

Courier creates a clear understanding of how your skills match to career opportunities.

Create your free Purepost Passport to understand and communicate your experience to employers. 

Purepost Courier

We put human skills at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Central to everything is your free Purepost Passport, which provides a comprehensive competency based model for individuals to use as the pathway to growth and a successful career outcome. Use your Passport to connect to career opportunities through Purepost Courier.

Purepost Passport Example

Your Journey with Purepost

  1. Create your free Passport
  2. Use your Passport to understand and learn how to articulate your professional experience through Purepost; Instantly download your Passport, at no cost, in resume format
  3. Use your Passport to connect with your college and/or your career organization working with Purepost (optional for Courier Members)
  4. Once your Passport connects with your college or career organization you can communicate with them for assistance to enhance your passport and discover or obtain a job (optional for Courier Members)
  5. Use your Passport to match with jobs on Purepost Sonar (launching May 2021)
Purepost Process Path

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Purepost is a Veteran owned and operated public benefits corporation.

In Latin, serviens means ‘one who serves’. The word through French (Sergent) became Sergeant.  Our Purepost logo is derived from the Sergeant chevrons. The chevrons run from left to right to signify progress.

The Medic Red is derived from Army Dustoff. Anthony Garcia, our CEO, served two combat tours to Iraq as a Dustoff soldier and aviator.

The 54th Medical Air Ambulance (Dustoff)

The 54th Medical Air Ambulance (Dustoff), Balad, Iraq 2005
From Jan 2005 to Nov 2005, The 54th Dustoff flew more than 4K combat missions and medically evacuated over 6.5K patients. Anthony flew his last Army mission, out of Iraq, on 16 Nov 2005.