Navigator provides an intuitive and easy to use platform to recruit people for internships and for jobs.

Navigator matches job seekers to career opportunities based on competency matching derived from predefined hierarchy and competency definitions. 

Navigator is useful for hiring managers as it eliminates the time taken to review streams of resumes in different formats and speeds the hiring process. 

Purepost Navigator goes live in  March 2021.

Purepost Navigator

Purepost Platform

Purepost delivers an end-to-end solution from the creation of the Passport reflecting competencies, experiences, awards, and volunteer work through finding meaningful work and a career.

Passport can be enhanced through Capstan which is used by career professionals to edit and recommend classes from the knowledge center.  The Passport can be sent directly to companies through Purepost Navigator.

Navigator is our company-facing system allowing rapid recruitment, reducing the cost of finding top talent.

Purepost Flow Chart

Purepost is a Veteran owned and operated public benefits corporation.

In Latin, serviens means ‘one who serves’. The word through French (Sergent) became Sergeant.  Our Purepost logo is derived from the Sergeant chevrons. The chevrons run from left to right to signify progress.

The Medic Red is derived from Army Dustoff. Anthony Garcia, our CEO, served two combat tours to Iraq as a Dustoff soldier and aviator.

The 54th Medical Air Ambulance (Dustoff)

The 54th Medical Air Ambulance (Dustoff), Balad, Iraq 2005
From Jan 2005 to Nov 2005, The 54th Dustoff flew more than 4K combat missions and medically evacuated over 6.5K patients. Anthony flew his last Army mission, out of Iraq, on 16 Nov 2005.