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The Purepost Passport provides a comprehensive competency-based model for students, transitioning Veterans, and job seekers to use as the pathway to growth and a successful career outcome.

The Passport allows the job seeker to understand their career through the competencies and skills they’ve acquired from each of their jobs.

It takes minutes to complete and is free for all professionals. 

Pathfinder Intelligent Translator converts your military experience into language and competencies that civilian employers can easily comprehend. Pathfinder creates a clear understanding of skills, makes it easy to work with Veterans and helps Veterans into positions that take advantage of their talents.

Job Kits are fast and powerful. Select from hundreds of private sector job titles and we’ll automatically provide you with several achievement statements and over 30 Purepost skills that showcase the leadership and technical capabilities for the job. Job Kits + launches Fall 2021, and will have a list of 10s of thousands of jobs to choose from. 

Screenshot of Passport work experience editor

Translate Work Experience:

Select a Military or Civilian Job

Work Experience Drop-down menu

  1. Receive and instant output of job statements
  2. Select from a list of job statements and add more detail
  3. Share Passport with recruiters, hiring managers, and download profile in resume format to be uploaded to applicant tracking systems and job boards 

Articulate Professional Skills:

  • Immediately translate military and private sector experience into skills anyone can articulate to any employer

Each skill provides a:

  • Definition
  • Synonyms
  • Key actions of individuals with the skill
  • Interview prep questions 
Screenshot of Skill Definition pop-up

Obtain Optional Assistance and Guidance through Compass 

Students and job seekers (if they choose) can IM, submit support requests, and receives Passport guidance from college, university, VSO, or workforce agencies they may be working with. 

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Access Knowledge Center Modules

Screenshot of Member Passport showing Knowledge Center course detail

Job seekers may acquire additional skills, at no cost, at the Purepost Knowledge Center:

  • Display knowledge on your Purepost profile once you’ve completed a Knowledge Center Course

Select from 30 Course Modules broken into 4 Series:

  1. Entering The Workforce
  2. Operating as a Productive Team Member
  3. Operating as a Productive Team Leader
  4. Operating as a Productive Business Unit Leader 

Job Matching with Purepost Sonar

Coming June 2021, Sonar allows small, medium size, and enterprise businesses to create job requisitions with Purepost Sonar.

Sonar is not a job board.

Sonar matches job requisitions to members with compete Purepost Passports. Purepost does this through matching Purepost skills and competencies from the Passport to Sonar job requisitions. 

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Purepost Services

For Jobseekers

Receive interview prep questions, view your accumulated skills, obtain a professional work profile/resume

For Career Service Professionals

Instantly communicate with jobseekers, quickly assemble resume books, manage support requests, and more

For Employers

Find skilled professionals, expedite the hiring process ,identify internal talent, reduce the potential for human bias