Lisa Vaval

Army 42A E-8, Active Duty

San Antonio, TX

Years of Service: 36 years, October 1982 - September 2018


Supervisory Staff Administrator, Department of Defense,
September 2013 - September 2019

Manager of Business Unit Operations, U. S. Army,
May 2017 - September 2018

Manager Logistics Department, U. S. Army,
September 2015 - April 2017


Associates of Science, University of Phoenix,
May 2007 - May 2009

Work Experience

Supervisory Staff Administrator September 2013 - September 2019

Department of Defense San Antonio, TX, USA

  • Facility Manager for all matters related to the daily use and administration of the building concerning Physical Security, Key Control, Maintenance and repair, environmental compliance and real property Management/Space Utilization.
  • Resolve management, employee and military issues, complaints and grievances, recommend corrective actions and promote team building.
  • Assist in the development of the yearly budget for the Brigade and subordinate units. Ensured funds were allocated quarterly to support required missions;
  • Built organizational hierarchy (structure) throughout the Brigade.
  • Assist the retention/Career Counselor with recruitment and in-processing of new Soldiers.
  • Conduct Interviews, recommend selections; ensure staffing and hiring goals are met in a timely manner; identify current/future position requirements
  • Civilian training manager responsible for identifying the training needs of all civilian employees and ensure compliance with Civilian Education Courses (CES) requirements
  • Advise, counsel, and instruct employees on both work and administrative matters.
  • perform disciplinary actions including suspension, written reprimand, and removals.
  • Review and evaluate civilian work performance (Appraisals) using DPMAP
  • Advised employees of their performance standards and kept them informed of their progress
  • Manage and process Civilian Time & Attendance, leave forms and compensatory time for civilian personnel throughout the Command utilizing ATAAPS and DCPS.
  • Track, manage, process and review hiring actions, vacancies, classifications, Position Description, selection actions, case files, Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) utilizing USASTAFFING systems and OPM guidance.
  • Coordinate, manage and process all Civilian personnel actions to include but not limited to voluntary transfers, appraisals, awards, Military Leave without Pay (LWOP), Return To Duty, LMER and Request for Personnel Action (RPA) utilizing the DCPDS
  • analyzing the traveler’s reports to ensure compliance with command travel policies.
  • coordinate and manage travel for Command team
  • Plan and participate in conferences, staff calls, and unscheduled meetings. Gather, analyze and present facts for resolution in investigations, disciplinary actions,taskers/mission.
  • Analyze and interpret policies and incoming directives from the Brigade Command Staff, CACOM, and the Battalion.
  • supervised the planning, scheduling, assignment and direct work priority of the Full-Time Staff members consisting of Military and Civilian employees
  • Advised the commander and staff on policy matters relative to all phases of the USAR program as related to the specific mission of the command

Manager of Business Unit Operations May 2017 - September 2018

Army | 42A | E-8 | San Antonio, TX, USA

  • Planned, scheduled, reviewed, and approved the workload to ensure production output, quality, and on time delivery goals were achieved in a cost-effective manner.
  • Prepared all written information management tools/documents designed to simplify business plan execution.
  • Managed the organization's 'Decision and Execution Cycle', the crucial management process designed to synchronize the organization's current and future operations.

Manager Logistics Department September 2015 - April 2017

Army | 42A | E-8 | Reserve San Antonio, TX, USA

  • Strategically planned and managed logistics, warehouse facilities, transportation, and customer services for a business unit of ## team members.
  • Led and influenced subordinate logistics managers and team leaders to accomplish critical tasks and achieve organization objectives.
  • Employed a leadership operations process to visualize, describe, direct, and assess the work while achieving the end result.

Assistant Manager Administration Department November 2006 - September 2015

Army | 42A | E-7 | Reserve San Antonio, TX, USA

  • Oversaw operations of the finance department, set goals and objectives, and designed a framework for these to be met.
  • Coordinated with various other departments, discussing company finance plans and agreeing on future paths to be taken.
  • Conducted periodic pay surveys, scheduled and conducted job evaluations, preparing pay budgets, and monitored and scheduled individual pay actions.

Staff Operations Training Specialist February 2011 - September 2013

Department of Defense San Antonio, TX, USA

  • Conduct Staff sync meetings three times a week to ensure subordinate units and CACOM review training status of subordinate units and report findings to the Brigade Chief of Operations and Brigade Commander to ensure understanding, support and compliance are met.
  • Ensure compliance with all training and operations requirements are met according to regulations and policies; establish guidelines for mission-essential training to ensure funding is available for the remaining fiscal year.
  • Provide technical advice and guidance to the Brigade S-3 and subordinate battalions an area of operations, training, security, and mobilization.
  • Established a redeployment tracker with dates and timelines to assist the Battalions with tracking Yellow Ribbon events, PDHRA, Evaluations and PHA’s in a timely manner.
  • Conduct quarterly Staff Assistance Visit with each of the Brigade’s subordinate units in an effort to ensure standardization and compliance with the unit and higher policies and procedures.
  • Implement improvements by conducting bi-monthly teleconferences with the training NCO’s from the subordinate units for precise tracking of RFO’s, DTS, ATRRS, communications and adherence to guidelines.
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures for interpreting, guidance, and changes on new policies pushed down by teleconference, emails or SharePoint.
  • Track, review and process all ATRRS applications and ensure all Soldiers are input for schools and qualified upon completion.
  • Review and implement a request for orders thru RLAS
  • Assist with coordinating and compiling an IRL (Integrated Requirement List for subordinate units and Brigade to account for all funding for missions, training, schools, and ADA’s for every BN and BDE for the fiscal year.
  • Forecast, develop and consolidate budgetary data from subordinate units for inclusion in the Command Operating Budget (COB) for the fiscal year.
  • Assess the training status and mobilization readiness of subordinate units in consideration of directive, programs, schedules, objectives of higher headquarters to determine the training needs of the reserve. activity.

Staff Administrative Assistant November 2006 - February 2011

Department of Defense San Antonio, TX, USA

  • Analyze adequate funds are available and approved prior to purchasing merchandise using the IMPAC card.
  • Manage the unit's Food Service Program; to include preparation of DA 5913, DA 3032, USARC 36-R, and inputting request for meals through the Food Service Management Systems (FSMS); Contracting and purchasing meals through local vendors and closing out food requests for the year in FSMS.
  • Manage the Unit Supply, ordering unit crests, patches, and other daily supplies using a government purchase card (IMPAC card)
  • Input and maintain financial data; process pay claims to include incapacitation pay, Annual Training pay, LODs, Battle Assembly pay, and other pay claims and benefits Soldiers are entitled to receive.
  • As Security Manager, process security clearances thru EPSQ and conduct security checks, Implemented key control systems in safeguarding National Security information.
  • Develop plans to provide organizational effectiveness in administrative actions and assist, guide and recommend solutions to subordinate organizations in congressional resolutions.
  • Processed and maintain 100% accountability of all Transfers, discharge, awards, medical claims, separations, pay and personnel actions being processed through Brigade G1 from the subordinate units.
  • Maintain a suspense log of all recurring monthly reports. Consolidate reports and prepare summarized or explanatory correspondence.
  • Conduct staff assistance visits to identify functional problems within the subordinate units; train newly S1 personnel on administrative and operational functions as needed within their command.
  • Perform analysis to assist with compiling data for USR, known as subject matter expert for quarterly unit status reports.
  • Developed a formulated spreadsheet to identify monthly evaluations, Non-DMOSq, and Non-Pars identifying scheduled, medical, APFT, and pending losses resulting in low statistics and better unit readiness.
  • Trained subordinate units on MPDV (Mobilization Planning Data Validation) which ensured the required data was met by Army validation upon arrival to the mob station.
  • Develop a PUSH team to assist with preparing Soldiers for deployment in medical readiness, finance, personnel, and training.
  • Conduct periodic staff inspections of subordinate units using Military Personnel files, Soldier Readiness Processing, unit manning report, medical and dental records, Commanders pay management report and Individual Readiness and Training report (ITRS) to ensure compliance with regulations and procedures on personnel, finance and mobilization readiness.
  • Assist the staff and subordinate organizations in formulating budget estimates, plans, orders, and reports.
  • Advise senior management, the Commander and Supervisory Staff Administrator on policy interpretation and compliance associated with all personnel actions.

Top Skills

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Civilian Service Commendation Medal

September 2019

Time Off Award (40 Hrs)

August 2019

Individual Cash Award

July 2019

Civilian Service Achievement Medal

March 2019

Quality Step increase

February 2017

Performance Cash Award

January 2016

Individual Cash Award

January 2015

Individual Cash Award

January 2014

Individual Cash Award

January 2013

Individual Cash Award

January 2012

Commanders Award for Civilian Service:

August 2011

Individual Cash Award

March 2011

Performance Award

January 2010

Achievement Medal for Civilian Service

June 2009

Individual Cash Award

August 2008

Training and Certifications

Supervisor Development Course

February 2019

Organizational Defense Travel Agent (ODTA);

February 2019

HR Training for Supervisors;

January 2016

Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor Course

August 2015

Civilian Leader Intermediate;

January 2015

Equal Opportunity Leaders Course

March 2014

Structured Self Development-Level 4

January 2014

Digital Management Training System (DTMS)

June 2013

Brigade S1 Operations Course

January 2013

G8 Budget Workshop;

February 2012

Training Management Course

April 2011

Unit Trainer Course

January 2011

Senior Leadership Course;

May 2009

Property Book User Supply Enhanced Course

January 2006

Human Resource Specialist

January 2006

Security Manager Course;

January 2003

Unit Pay Administrative Course

January 2001

Army Training Requirements and Resources (ATRRS)

January 2001


Associates of Science, General Studies

University of Phoenix, San Antonio, TX, USA

May 2007 - May 2009 , GPA: 3.4