Michael Truitt

Air Force 2R071 E-7, Active Duty

Barksdale Air Force Base, LA

Years of Service: 19 years, December 2000 - Present

ETS'd August 2019


Assistant Department Manager, U. S. Air Force,
December 2007 - Present

Work Experience

Assistant Department Manager December 2007 - Present

Air Force | 2R071 | E-7 | Barksdale Air Force Base, LA, USA

  • Led and influenced ## subordinate team leaders to accomplish critical business tasks and achieve organization objectives.
  • Served as the right-hand person to the Department Manager and supported the Manager by devising policies and strategies to ensure the completion of department goals.
  • Employed a leadership operations process to visualize, describe, direct, and assess the work of ## department team members.
  • Ensured that the department was always able to fully execute its mission by evaluating strengths and limitations and directing actions to improve the situation.
  • Always took initiative to accomplish the mission in the absence of direction and responsible for equipment and inventory equaling $$.
  • Effectively used strong communication and group problem-solving skills to remove obstacles and achieve team business results.
  • Demonstrated sound critical reasoning skills when assessing situations, reaching conclusions, and making business decisions.
  • Positioned the department to achieve the vision and mission of the organization's higher headquarters through leadership and assistance of the department manager.
  • Displayed a sound understanding of the effect of external market influences on the competitive advantage of the business .
  • Demonstrated a unique capacity to assess situations effectively and draw sound conclusions.
  • Collaborated to keep department team leaders and team members informed of the key issues facing the organization.
  • A leader role model who exhibited high standards, discipline and provided effective examples through personal actions.
  • Identified, contended for, allocated and managed resources to ensure department goals and planning processes were completed.
  • Engaged in 'ethical reasoning', when determining the right thing to do, even when no one was watching.

Top Skills

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Afghanistan Campaign Medal

April 2015

Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

June 2011