Richard Belmore, Jr

Army 92F E-6, Active Duty

Killeen, TX

Years of Service: 15 years, November 2005 - Present

ETS unk


Welder, U. S. Army,
November 2005 - Present


Work Experience

Welder November 2005 - Present

Army | 92F | E-6 | Killeen, TX, USA

  • Skillfully executed both mechanical and manual welding practices and was able to weld in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions.
  • Used of all varieties of welding machines and cutting equipment and techniques using plasma-arc and oxy-acetylene torches.
  • Exceptrionally proficient in Cuting, welding and repairing all types of equipment, equipment attachments, vehicles, structural steel, etc. where strength and appearance are of primary concern.

Top Skills

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