Ricky D Honeycutt

Army 31K E-7, Active Duty

Omaha, NE

Years of Service: 22 years, November 1978 - January 2000


Business Unit Operations Team Leader, U. S. Army,
November 1978 - January 2000


Work Experience

Business Unit Operations Team Leader November 1978 - January 2000

Army | 31K | E-7 | Omaha, NE, USA

  • Assisted in synchronizing business operations by effectively communicating with all the relevant people, business units, and coordinating all relevant inputs to ensure production output and on time delivery goals were achieved.
  • Prepared all written information management tools/documents designed to simplify business plan execution.
  • Assisted in managing the organization's 'Decision and Execution Cycle', which was the crucial management process designed to synchronize the organization's current and future operations.

Top Skills

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