Scott Byers

Army 70H O-6, Reserve

Augusta, GA

Years of Service: 30 years, May 1987 - June 2017


Multi-Division Senior Vice President (SVP), U. S. Army,
May 1987 - June 2017


Work Experience

Multi-Division Senior Vice President (SVP) May 1987 - June 2017

Army | 70H | O-6 | Reserve Augusta, GA, USA

  • Presented a clear and concise organization vision and mission so that subordinate organizational leaders and members always knew exactly where they are going and their goals.
  • Set and demanded adherence to tough, clear, achievable, and meaningful standards and accepted responsibility for the good, the bad, and the ugly within the organization.
  • Oversaw the organization's budgetary and financial activities, which included operating expenditures and capital improvements.

Top Skills

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