Troy W.

Navy 1882 O-5, Active Duty

Silverdale, WA

Years of Service: 35 years, June 1985 - Present

ETS July 2020


Director of Division Operations, U. S. Navy,
July 2014 - April 2017

Executive Assistant/Senior Advisor, U. S. Navy,
July 2014 - April 2017

Director Aviation Maintenance Division, U. S. Navy,
November 2008 - May 2011


Bachelor's of Science, University of Washington,
June 1993 - June 1996

Work Experience

Director of Division Operations July 2014 - April 2017

Navy | 1919 | O-5 | San Diego, CA, USA

  • Provided direct oversight of all division operation functions and was responsible for staff development, operations and plans, and organizational development.
  • Prepared all written information management tools/documents designed to simplify organization goal execution.
  • Coordinated directly with organizational leaders at all levels to provide HR advice and counsel and developed appropriate policies and programs when needed.

Executive Assistant/Senior Advisor July 2014 - April 2017

Navy | 1882 | O-5 | San Diego, CA, USA

  • Outlined priorities, identified risk, and coordinated support relationships between department to the company leaders.
  • Advised the C-Level leaders on capabilities, limitations, requirements, resource availability and employment, and all matters that deal with their areas of interest.
  • Oversaw the execution of all aspects of the company’s special projects, including leading, planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling program activities for # personnel, while managing an operating budget of $$ million annually .
  • Monitored preparation and execution of all official activities involving the key leaders.
  • Developed and communicated strategic direction and high level engagements to drive the company’s special programs and projects with a specific region.
  • Led the program’s strategic messaging and campaign planning to demonstrate how an employee’s skills, talents, and leadership potential developed in one industry can easily transfer and result in an employee’s success in a different industry.
  • Collaborated with areas involving personnel, training, risk management, performance, and technical writing and research.
  • Acted as the informal point of contact for organization liaisons.
  • Worked closely and effectively with the organization President to keep him/her well informed of upcoming protocol activities, commitments, and responsibilities.
  • Informed and advised the leadership of policy guidance from board and stakeholders dealing with their areas of interest.
  • Provided supervision and guidance in the in analyzing and appraising the effectiveness of company operations, the administration of the laws and the development of policies.
  • Developed and nurtured outreach relationships with private, public, governmental, and nonprofit sectors to promote a strong U.S. workforce.
  • Developed and implemented long-term goals and objectives to achieve successful outcomes for the organization.

Director Aviation Maintenance Division November 2008 - May 2011

Navy | 1919 | O-4 | San Diego, CA, USA

  • Planned and controlled all company aircraft maintenance and is the liaison to approved maintenance organizations performing approved maintenance on aircraft.
  • Maintained a program of aircraft mechanic proficiency training, reviews and upgrades in accordance with FAA and company requirement
  • Ensured that all personnel were thoroughly familiar with company policies, Federal aviation Regulations (FAR), pertinent manuals, practices and publications.
  • Maintained minimum equipment list (MEL) maintenance procedures.
  • Ensured technical and regulatory publications necessary to perform maintenance on aircraft were available and were up to date and available to maintenance personnel.
  • Ensured that maintenance personnel performed their duties in the safest manner possible.
  • Supervised maintenance team members to include interviewing and hiring, managing performance, conducting performance appraisals.
  • Engaged in 'ethical reasoning', when determining the right thing to do, even when no one was watching.
  • Demonstrated sound critical reasoning skills when assessing situations, reaching conclusions, and making decisions.
  • Employed a leadership operations process to visualize, describe, direct, and assess the work while achieving the end result.
  • Ensured that the division was always able to fully execute its mission by evaluating strengths and limitations and directing actions to improve the situation.
  • Led and directed an aviation maintenance department responsible for managing and directing activities of subordinate team leaders and team members.
  • Demonstrated a unique capacity to assess situations effectively and draw sound conclusions.
  • Identified, contended for, allocated and managed resources to ensure mission accomplishment.
  • Effectively used strong communication and group problem-solving skills to remove obstacles and achieve team results.
  • Lead and managed ## division aircraft maintenance team leaders and technicians to maintain and modify airplanes and helicopters in all aspects of aircraft maintenance.
  • Ensured that aircraft under manager control are maintained in accordance with FAA requirements and that maintenance related safety goals are met.
  • Ensured the quality of all aircraft, engine and avionics maintenance and repair.

Helicopter Pilot November 2008 - May 2011

Navy | 1919 | O-4 | San Diego, CA, USA

  • Ensured that all aviation operations were planned, prepared, and executed for ## team members and $$ in aircraft equipment.
  • Demonstrated a detailed and extensive technical expertise and application of aviation principles, concepts, theory, and ## hours of flight total time.
  • Prepared all written information management tools/documents and aviation resources designed lead the safety of the helicopter.
  • Identified, contended for, allocated and managed resources to ensure mission accomplishment.
  • Collaborated to keep higher and lower headquarters, superiors, and subordinates informed of the key issues facing the organization.
  • Ensured that the organization was always able to fully execute its mission responsibilities by evaluating strengths and limitations and directing actions to improve the situation.

Top Skills

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Training and Certifications


Bachelor's of Science, Atmospheric Sciences

University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

June 1993 - June 1996 , GPA: 3.2