Passport Case Study - Carl Foster

February 1, 2023

Passport User Gets Job at Meta

By Carl Foster

Purepost Passport user Carl Foster describes his experience with Purepost Passport, and how it helped him secure an internship with USAA, interviews with Wells Fargo, and finally a job at Meta.

In December of 2019, I finally decided to retire. I was just over 20 years, my son was about to start high school, and we wanted to be established somewhere, not needing to move anymore. I knew I needed to start with a resume, but I had no idea how to talk about my work - mostly classified, and I had no idea what kinds of jobs I could get. I was really stuck. I didn't really know how my skills translated to the civilian world.

So I established a Purepost Passport profile. And one of the things that I loved automatically is it gave me my positioning. It helped me talk about what I had been doing for the past 20 years in language non-military recruiters would understand. 

The second thing I loved was that it helped equate those skills with jobs in the civilian sector. It helped me understand what sorts of jobs I should be applying for in the first place. So I could start comparing myself to the job market and seeing, “okay this is what I'm competitive for, this is what I can aim for”.

When I built my profile and it produced that resume in a very nice professional format. I got a lot of compliments on my resume! With that resume I was able to first get an internship with USAA through Hiring Our Heroes.  They were all really impressed by the quality and how little military terminology was in my resume.They were used to seeing resumes full of military jargon. My resume had very little of that because Purepost showed me how to replace military terms with civilian terms. My resume stood out from the rest.

This same resume got a lot of traction with several other companies. I interviewed with Wells Fargo and had a verbal job offer from them, but because of covid it fell through. Eventually this same resume helped me get my interviews with Facebook (now Meta). 

The resume is great, but the process of building it really helped me understand how to talk to hiring managers about my skills, replacing the military terminology in my interviews. And I understood it because I built it.  With Purepost Passport you're not paying somebody $500 to build a resume that you don't even understand yourself. 

With Purepost, you know how each resume bullet relates to what you actually did. You build it yourself so you understand it, you can talk to it like no other. It's very hard to brief off the slides that somebody else made for you, it's the same thing with a resume.

You have to build it because it's you.  Nobody knows you better than yourself and Purepost helps you get that out on paper.