Purepost Compass® is the fastest way for your job applicants and employers to find each other. We leverage years of research and our proprietary AI to translate the skills of the jobseeker - and the skills of the job posting - to find great matches for your job applicants.

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Empower Your Employees

Powered by Purepost®, our work with the Syracuse University’s career services provides each student with a free-for-life Purepost Passport™, which provides:

- A professional resume
- Detailed knowledge of the skills they acquired from the military and private sector careers
- Insight on how to effectively describe their experience and discover new roles they had never before considered
- Access to employers

A screenshot of the Purepost Passport user interface. Founder Anthony Garcia's Passport Profile is shown, including his recent work experience, and a headshot.

Focus on What Matters

North Central Texas College has been successful in creating over 800 Purepost® Passports within the year of 2022. This has saved them over 3000 hours of work (and cost savings over $100K), allowing them to focus more on:

- Virtual events
- Virtual career treks
- Direct 1:1 coaching sessions
- Internship and Job Fit Advice
- Time with companies who wish to employ their students

A diagram titled "The Complex Open System". At the outer edge is an oval labeled "System External Boundary". With the boundary are the Organizational, Physical and Social Environment Stakeholders. A cycle is shown, Starting with "Identifying the right problem", moving to "Solving the right problem". The next step is "Solving the problem right (correctly), and finally "Executing the solution. The diagram goes on to explain that Single Loop Learning is Incremental Improvement attempts to change behavior using the old rules of the organization. Double Loop Learning is defined as reframing the way we think about problems and create new insights, which enables solution breakthrough. Triple Loop Learning is explained to transform our perceptions about problems and create New Principles on how we identify problems and learn moving forward.

Career Guidance Made Simple

Purepost has all the data you and your job seekers require to be successful:

We have every position in the U.S. economy with:


Work Activities 

Skills: Leadership & Positional

A screenshot from the Purepost Sonar App, showing the mapped skills to a selected position.

We match your Clients with the right skills to positions they may never have considered...

...And provide your career professionals with that knowledge to assist and encourage.

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A screenshot from the Purepost Sonar App, showing candidates who are a good match for an employer's open role.


Purepost Knowledge Center

We have developed series of Purepost Knowledge Center course modules to help anyone level-up for their next career stage.

After you finish studying a module, Clients may add it to their Purepost Passport. Recruiters and hiring managers will see their course progress and know that their making a serious investment in their career.

A screenshot from the Purepost Passport App, showing the Knowledge Center view.

We can associate your
Training to Skills.

Allowing you to:

- Track your Clients' progress

- Identifying which Clients need specific training

- Identify which Clients might be connected to a partner employer

- While instantly providing a currency to your L&D courses.  

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A screenshot from the Purepost App, showing a course description for Blueprint Layout.

Save Money on Training

When you have the situational awareness of the skills of your employees, why train the ones that are proficient when you can identify and focus on employees who need the training?

An icon of a piggy bank, with a coin and a cartoon pig.

Client Engagment

Engagement that Contributes to the Bottom Line:

1. Onboard your Clients to Purepost Passport for proactive two-way communication.

2. Clients are engaged when there is something in it for them.

- Educate your workforce on their worth

- Their Skills now have currency (definitions, actions statements) for organizations

- Clients can see a path upward

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A screenshot from the Purepost Passport app showing a deep description of the skill "Establishing Trust"

Employers & Job Seekers
may join to access our database of
Skills, Competencies, and Job Descriptions

How We Differentiate

Side by Side Comparison of What You might be Considering

A Side by Side Comparison of Purepost, Job Board, AI_HR SaaS, ATS, Social Media and MOS Translators

The AI Human Capital Management Network

A Venn Diagram Titled "The AI Human Capital Network". Three circles are shown, the first is Multi Industry Human Capital Domain Knowledge. The Second is Behavioral Systems, Management and Science. The Third is Dynamic Skills Taxonomy & Data Modeling/Analytics. In the center, where they all overlap, is the Purepost Logo. This central area is also labeled to either side with "Accurate Identification of an Individual's Skills and Competencies" and "Accurate Digital Job Matching Based on Skills and Competencies" . Below the diagram is the text "Purepost is a defined, curated and organized Data Repository of Interpersonal, Conceptual and Technical Skills, stratified by Organization Levels, Job Titles and Job Types. No other data set exists to…

Create a truly Generative AI Human Capital Management Network that delivers the right people, with the right skills and the renewable capacity to fuel organizational productivity, retention, training and growth.    "

We’re Here to Advance Careers and Help Organizations Discover and Match with the Best Candidates to Build Winning Teams

Purepost® is Veteran-owned B Corporation that enables instant matching of talents to careers, powered by human and data science. It was born out of a desire to help Veterans successfully transition to civilian careers.

Purepost® created the first cloud-based software that fully translates a wide range of previous work experiences (military and civilian) into transferable hard, soft and technical skills.

Our proprietary database was built by industry experts and behavioral scientists with 50 years of experience to help unlock individual competencies, skills and fit.

See what our experience can do for your career!