Be Future Ready

Disruption is challenging every organization to think differently about talent and what technology is needed to respond to the challenge effectively.  Disruption can take you to places that you have never been before and with the right map, tools, and guidance, you can build today what you need for the future.

Purepost delivers guidance and powerful tools so that you are Future Ready, Adaptable, and better placed for Success.

Purepost Passport Example

Purepost Passport

We put human skills at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Central to everything is our Purepost Passport, which provides a comprehensive competency-based model for individuals to use as the pathway to growth and a successful career outcome.

Purepost Platform

Purepost delivers an end-to-end solution from the creation of the Passport reflecting competencies, experiences, awards, and volunteer work through finding meaningful work and a career.

Passport can be enhanced through Capstan which is used by career professionals to edit and recommend classes from the knowledge center.  The Passport can be sent directly to companies through Purepost Navigator.

Navigator is our company-facing system allowing rapid recruitment, reducing the cost of finding top talent.

Purepost Flow Chart
Purepost Pathfinder

Purepost Pathfinder

Pathfinder is our intelligent translator that converts military experience into a language and competency set that civilian employers can easily comprehend.

Pathfinder creates a clear understanding of skills, makes it easy to work with veterans and helps veterans into positions that take advantage of their talent.

Purepost Sherpa

Purepost Sherpa

Sherpa is a valuable tool for college students.  It allows students to rapidly construct their Passport based on self-identified competencies and capabilities. 

This is a powerful capability that allows students to rapidly build their Passport to internships and a better chance of landing the right job in a shorter space of time.

Purepost Capstan

Purepost Capstan

Purepost Pathfinder and Sherpa feed directly into Capstan.

Capstan provides College Career Counselors an integrated control platform to review, edit, comment, and recommend changes to student profiles.

It provides live chat and once completed the link to the student Passport can be sent to prospective employers.

Capstan is integrated with our Knowledge Center and Navigator products.

Purepost Courier

Purepost Courier

Courier intelligent translator converts your professional experience into language and competencies that employers can easily comprehend.

Courier creates a clear understanding of how your skills match to career opportunities.

Create your free Purepost Passport to understand and communicate your experience to employers. 

Purepost Navigator

Purepost Navigator

Navigator provides an intuitive and easy-to-use platform to recruit people for internships and for jobs.

Match is based on competency matching derived from predefined hierarchy and competency definitions.

Navigator is useful for hiring managers as it eliminates the time taken to review streams of resumes in different formats and speeds the hiring process.

Easy, fast, and effective.