Philips x Purepost

March 14, 2023

Topic: Veterans at Philips

Purepost sat down with Lorna Lin (Talent Acquisition at Philips) to discuss their efforts to hire those recently transitioning from the military-to-professional workplace. Philips is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse workplace.

Purepost: Tell us about your background?

Lorna: It was really by chance that I fell into this partnership and being a driver of Veterans / Military hiring.  I’m not a Veteran myself, but I just started to form strong partnerships with our Veterans Employee Resource Group and various hiring leaders with previous military backgrounds.  Prior to Philips, I worked with a staffing agency, recruiting on healthcare revenue cycle positions.  I’ve now been with Philips a little over 3 years, based in the Nashville area.  My current focuses are recruiting nationally on roles such as:  Field Service Engineers, Technical Consultants, and Biomedical Equipment Technicians.


Purepost: How do Veterans transition at Philips?

Lorna: Veterans are having success at Philips. They bring leadership skills that are highly valued in management positions, and they have unique skill sets that translate well into various types of positions. As an example, avionics technicians in the military translate well into our diagnostic imaging Field Service Engineer roles because these are both highly regulated types of equipment in high stress environments.


Purepost: What is unique about the Veteran community at Philips?

Lorna: There seems to be real focus on diversity at Philips. For example, the executive sponsor for our Veterans and Family Coalition ERG is Jeff DiLullo, Head of Services & Solutions Delivery and Ops, NA.  He really helps from the top down to drive a Veteran friendly culture, which encourages leadership in this organization to really look at those transferable skills.


Veterans also reciprocate by being active in the ERG. Recruiting events at bases aren’t just about hiring, but also networking and mentorship.


Purepost: What can you share about the future of hiring at Philips?

Lorna: As with other large global companies, the labor market is ever changing.  Many companies are experiencing layoffs, and Philips is not lucky enough to come out unscathed.  With that being said, we are still actively hiring on priority positions across the country, and we anticipate this to remain steady through the year.

Purepost: Any advice for Veteran candidates?

Lorna: Even if the job market slows down, always network and have conversations because you never know when the right time is. I always keep that person in mind because I keep copious notes. People don’t take into consideration the amount of work recruiters put into finding the right people. A good engagement can lead to referrals to other roles within our network. Be honest, and respectful. Build connections! 

Purepost: Thank you so much for your time Lorna! We appreciate the efforts that Philips is making to support Veterans in their transition to the professional workplace. When you create your Purepost Passport, be sure to opt into the Philips network to be included in the resumes Philps recruiters are reviewing. 

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