Should I Use a Free Resume Builder

February 1, 2023

Should I Use a Free Resume Builder?

Using a free resume builder can be a useful tool in creating a professional-looking resume quickly and easily. They usually provide templates, format options, and tips to help you present your skills and experience effectively.

However, not all free resume templates are created equal. You may feel like you want additional professional help after reading what the other tools spit out.

Purepost Passport is a Free Resume Builder with a Difference

The Purepost Passport is a different Free Resume Builder. Its difference stems from the deep work we have done to find out what every job title really means, in terms of what skills you likely developed at each one. But the process of building your Purepost Passport is not just writing out the entire job description. You will be involved in the process, ensuring that you list the skills you actually demonstrated in each role.

Along the way you will learn how to talk about what you did, even if your role was classified, highly technical, or really obscure. By naming for you the skills that you acquired, the Purepost Passport is more than a free resume template: it is a 15 minute journey of self discovery - that is also downloadable, easy to cut and paste, and professionally formatted!

Free Resume Plus Free Training

Whats more, after you have created your free Passport, you will have lifetime access to our other resources. Explore the jobs currently available on our site: we scrape the national jobs database daily, so there are always new opportunities for you to explore. You may see that your skills are a perfect match for roles you have never heard of before. Discover new industries and career paths by checking out your matches.

You may find roles that you do not quite qualify for - go ahead and apply! But you can also use our Knowledge Center to beef up on those skills, or research other methods for upskilling yourself. 

If you are a veteran, you will be excited to hear that the Purepost Passport can translate your military service record into a resume as well. We have already mapped every single job in the US military. 

Build your free resume today with Purepost Passport. Start here!