Purepost RiseInside™ is a tool for optimally allocating talent within an organization. Current employees are assessed for best fit in new roles, optimizing personal fulfillment, while improving productivity and reducing turnover and hiring costs.

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See what Purepost RiseInside™ can do for your team.

Performance & Career Managment

RiseInside - Coming Summer 2024

Onboard your entire organization to Purepost Passport and see how your employees match to career opportunities within your company.

Assign Skills to Your Positions and Teams

Employees complete a Purepost Passport™ which automatically identifies all competencies earned throughout their entire work history, regardless of previous job titles.

Once your team has assigned skills for each position, Purepost RiseInside™ provides you the knowledge of the skills profiles of your entire workforce.

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Grow with a Skills Taxonomy that grows with you

And for the fraction of the cost anywhere else.

Purepost RiseInside™ is a fluid Taxonomy designed to be updated and evolve as your company grows.

No need to call in consultants to create or maintain it.

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Employee Engagment

Engagement that Contributes to your Bottom Line:

‍1. Onboard your entire organization to Purepost Passport for proactive two-way communication.

2. Workers are engaged when there is something in it for them.

- Educate your workforce on their worth

- Their Skills now have currency (definitions, actions statements) within your organization

- Workers can see a path upward or within other teams

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Employers & Job Seekers
may join to access our database of
Skills, Competencies, and Job Descriptions

Grow Your Talent Pool

Did you knowcan hnage your ERGs?

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Recruiting & Resourcing

Purepost has all the data you require…

We have every position in the U.S. economy with:


Work Activities 

Skills: Leadership & Positional

Build or redesign your company to be a “Skills/Capability Based Organization” that drives all areas your company’s infrastructure:

Strategic Change: Includes changes in business focus, policies, structure or processes to boost competitive advantage

Structural Change: Includes changes in management hierarchy, teams, responsibility of different departments, value chain, and job structure

Technological Change: Involves introducing new software, hardware, or systems to improve business processes

People Centric Change: Includes bringing in new hires, developing and deploying employees to other areas of the company to help them grow, thereby increasing retention

Unplanned Change: Includes necessary action following unexpected events

Remedial Change: Occurs when a problem is identified and a solution needs to be implemented

We match the candidates with the right skills for your positions.

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We provide a snapshot of a Veteran’s career in simple language.

We also enable you to search for military talent using private sector terminology.

Our Artificial Intelligence is Unrivaled.

We provide a Match Report for every Hiring Manager in order to make it easy for them to determine if the candidate is a fit for interview.

Your Talent Acquisition professionals have instant access.

No other company can do this.

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Learning & Development

Purepost Knowledge Center

We have developed series of Purepost Knowledge Center course modules to help anyone level-up for their next career stage.

After you finish studying a module, add it to your Purepost Passport. Recruiters and hiring managers will see your course progress and know that you're making a serious investment in your career transition.

We can associate your Learning & Development to Skills. 

Allows you to identify who in your organization needs the training while instantly providing a currency to your L&D courses.  

Save Money on L&D

When you know the skills of your employees, why train the ones that are proficient when you can identify and focus on employees who need the training?

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How We Differentiate

Side by Side Comparison of What You might be Considering

The AI Human Capital Management Network

We’re Here to Advance Careers and Help Organizations Discover and Match with the Best Candidates to Build Winning Teams

Purepost® is Veteran-owned B Corporation that enables instant matching of talents to careers, powered by human and data science. It was born out of a desire to help Veterans successfully transition to civilian careers.

Purepost® created the first cloud-based software that fully translates a wide range of previous work experiences (military and civilian) into transferable hard, soft and technical skills.

Our proprietary database was built by industry experts and behavioral scientists with 50 years of experience to help unlock individual competencies, skills and fit.

See what our experience can do for your career!